Music Department Diploma Ceremony

Music Graduation 2018

Saturday, May 19 - 2018

Ph.D. Recipients in Composition and Computer Technologies

Jon Paul Bellona
Physical Composition: The Musicality of Body Movements on Digital Musical Instruments

Rachel Devorah Wood Rome
Resonant Sonic Specificity

Maxwell Dillon Tfirn
Hearing Images and Seeing Sound: The Creation of Sonic Information Through Image Manipulation

Ph.D. Recipient in Critical and Comparative Studies in Music

Amy Marion Coddington
Rap on the Radio: Making Hip Hop into Hit Pop, 1986-1994

Master of Arts in Critical and Comparative Studies in Music

Caitlin Flay

Bachelor of Arts Recipients

Aaqil Muhammad Abdullah ‡

Jocelyn Huang

Mary-Caroline Matricardi ‡

William Ashe

Tyler Todd Hutson

Kathryn Frances McDaniel ‡*

Erik Jon Bergstrom *

Stephanie Shinyi Hwang*

Josephine Lisette Miller ‡*

Abigayle Brianne Cenname

Tess Elisabeth Devore Irelan ‡

Pouya Pairo

Jong In Chey ‡*

David A Joo ‡

Jackson Levi Patton-Smith ‡*

Luc Cianfarani ‡*

Yewon Kim

Stefan Widson Petit-Freres

John Michael Collins

Elias Jacob Diaz Krash

Patrick Eligius Rhoads *

Wesley Stephen Diener ‡*

Ron Nathaniel Tien Lam

Emily Michelle Dietz

Bethany Ariel Lee

Samuel Isaac Roller *

William Shaw Driggers ‡*

Julianna Elizabeth Lee ‡*

Joshua Cole Stuart ‡*

India Jones Eguiguren *

Peter Young-In Lee

Luke David Waddell *

Daniel Lee Grotz ‡*

Timothy Jan Liu

Clarence Benjamin Washington

Kevin John Grubiak

Andrew Lynch

Connor Steven Watkinson


* Brander Wyatt Morrison Prize Recipient

‡ Department Recognition Recipient


Distinguished Majors

Luc Cianfarani, with High Distinction

Wesley Diener, with Highest Distinction

Julianna Lee, with Highest Distinction

Josephine Miller, with Highest Distinction

Samuel Roller, with Highest Distinction







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