Bonnie Jones and Andrea Nuemann

September 16, 2009 - 8:00pm
  • Wednesday, September 16, 2009
  • The Bridge PAI
  • 8:00pm
  • Free

Bonnie Jones
Andrea Nuemann

The CCT Improvised Music Technology Series presents Bonnie Jones and Andrea Nuemann

Bonnie Jones and Andrea Neumann will present an evening of electro-acoustic improvised music, using hacked electronics and custom-made instruments. Jones makes music with the circuit boards of digital delay pedals, teasing out tones and crackles by short-circuiting the board. Neumann performs on the insides-piano, a custom made amplified and electronically processed abstraction of a piano sound board.

Bonnie Jones works with sound, text and performance. Born in 1977 in South Korea she was raised by dairy farmers in New Jersey, and currently resides in Baltimore, MD. In sound performances Bonnie plays the circuit boards of digital delay pedals. Her primary sound collaborators are Joe Foster in Korea (as the duet “English”) and Andy Hayleck. She is also a member of the Performance Thanatology Research Society, a interdisciplinary performance group dedicated to the advancement of a higher histrionics brought on by imminent finalities. Bonnie has performed at the K im Dae Hwan Museum, the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, the ErstQuake Festival, and the 14 Karat Cabaret.

Andrea Neumann has reduced the piano to strings, resonance board and metal frame. With the help of electronics to manipulate and amplify the sounds (sometimes to make parts of the sound audible which are inaudible without amplification), she has developed numerous new playing techniques, sounds, and ways of preparing the dismantled instrument. Because the original inside piano is very heavy, a piano builder (Bernd Bittmann, Berlin) constructed a new and lighter one for her.

She has worked intensively in the crossover area between composition and improvisation, and in the field between electronic and handmade sounds, with Berlin musicians such as Annette Krebs, Ignaz Schick, Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward and Burkhard Beins. She has composed for inside piano for interdisciplinary projects including film, dance, performance, etc.

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