Summer 2019 Courses

Summer 2019 Courses

Session I (May 13-June 7)

MUSI 2070 / 4508 Popular Musics

Kyle Chattleton
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-3:15pm / NCH 183
Class Number: 12362 / 12363


Session II (June 10-July 5)

MUSI 2120 / 3120 History of Jazz Music

John D'earth
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 10:30am-12:45pm / OCH B012
Class Number: 10810 / 10811

“Hearing as Jazz Musicians Hear.” An in-depth look at the way jazz musicians listen to music. What do they listen for? How do they use recordings of great jazz perfomances to grow as musicians and improvising artists? What skills are required to develop timing, phrasing, and musical creativity? The course will examine the recorded work of major jazz artists, exploring the “inner hearing” of musicians with participatory exercises in rhythm, melody and movement. It will demonstrate the processes by which jazz musicians master theory, musical structure, their instruments, and the jazz language itself. For musicians and non-musicians; no previous jazz experience necessary. MUSI 2120 has no prerequisites and is appropriate for non-majors. MUSI 3120 is appropriate for music majors and others who can work at an advanced level.

MUSI 2340 Learn to Groove

Robert Jospe
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-2:30pm / OCH B018
Class Number: 10657

This is a hand drumming class open to all students including music majors. The course requires that students have a hand drum of their own as well as the course book Learn To Groove. Congas, djembes, doumbeks are appropriate. The class will focus on simple hand drumming technique and time keeping along with understanding and playing syncopated patterns. The history, geography and artists associated with the rhythms presented in the course will be included. The course is designed to help students achieve fluency with syncopated patterns that are associated with dance rhythms from West Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil, and the United States.

Session III (July 8-August 2)

MUSI 1010 Introduction to Music

Justin Mueller
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-3:15pm / OCH 107
Class Number: 10765

What is music? How does it work? Why do we listen to it? We will study numerous examples, focusing on Western "classical" music, opera, religious music, musical theatre, and film music. We will discuss all the activities that make up the experience of music, including but not limited to composing, improvising, dancing, performing, recording, marketing, selling, listening, and watching. We will ask how music shapes identities, our own and those of many different communities from the 18th century to the present. The goal is to help you form your own informed opinions about music, not just the examples on the syllabus but any music you may encounter. No musical experience necessary.

MUSI 2307 Play Guitar

Michael Rosensky
2.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-2:30pm / OCH B012
Class Number: 12707

Fundamentals of playing the guitar: left and right hands, chords, strumming, and scales. We'll also incorporate rhythmic training, music theory, song form, pop/rock styles and accompanimental textures. A new course designed to improve guitar performance.  

Fall 2019 is intended as a beginner course BUT that could change depending on the experience level of interested students.  Please give a brief description of your guitar experience when you request instructor permission.  I will contact students on my permissions list shortly after registration ends with an update on the status of the course.  

Students must provide their own guitar.

MUSI 2390 / 3390 Introduction to Music and Computers

Ryan Maguire
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-3:15pm / OCH B011
Class Number: 12364 / 12365

Introduction to the use of computers in music composition. Students gain hands-on experience with synthesizers, music notation software, and the control of MIDI instruments via computer. MUSI 2390 has no prerequisites and is appropriate for non-majors. MUSI 3390 is appropriate for music majors and others who can work at an advanced level.


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