Summer Music Courses for People who Love Classical Music

Do you love classical music? And do you enjoy reading good program notes, or attending good pre-concert lectures? If so, one of UVa’s Summer Music courses might be right for you, allowing you to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of music through a few weeks of pleasant study.

“Introduction to Music” (MUSI 1010) will be taught July 11 to August 5. It meets five days a week. The course surveys the musical literature common to contemporary American life, emphasizing such classical repertories as symphony, opera, early music, new music, blues, and jazz. It teaches effective ways of listening to, and thinking critically about, each repertoire. Coursework includes regular reading and listening assignments, written responses, a midterm, and a final. We are excited to offer this course in summer 2011; normally it is offered only during the fall or spring semesters.

The instructor, Peter Tschirhart, is a musicologist completing his PhD in the University of Virginia’s Music program. He is a fine pianist and harpsichordist as well as a superb teacher. Over the last few years, he has taught many courses to music majors and non-majors, consistently receiving fine evaluations from his students. He received the Music Department’s 2011 award for the best work by a graduate instructor.

If you are interested in a more technical introduction to music, you would enjoy “Basic Musical Skills,” MUSI 1310, taught from June 13 to July 9. This course, designed for students who do not know how to read music, teaches music notation along with basic theory including intervals, scales, and harmony. The instructor, Victor Szabo, is a graduate student just beginning his dissertation. He has been a very successful teacher in the department, and recently has been teaching advanced music theory courses for music majors. He holds the University’s prestigious President’s Fellowship for outstanding graduate students.

If you are not presently a UVa student, you may still enroll for the courses; the Summer Session welcomes visiting students. Tuition for visiting students is the same as for UVa students – see web link below. Some UVa staff can pay summer tuition through their employee tuition benefit. Visiting students who are at least 60 years old may be eligible for free registration through the Senior Citizens Higher Education Act.


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