New Courses for Spring 2017

The UVA McIntire Department of Music has new courses for the Spring 2017 semester! Find information about them here…

Women and Music

This course examines women’s perspectives about music, and dominant perceptions of women’s participation in music. We will take a global approach to exploring to exploring women’s roles as creators, performers, patrons, and consumers of popular and art music traditions. We will read and discuss recent and sometimes controversial scholarship from the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, feminist literary criticism, and cultural studies. The course will be organized topically, allowing for a comparative music study.
Women and Music: MUSI 3559 Elizabeth Ozment, 3.0 credits
Lecture/Section 2: TR / 3:30-5:00 / Maury 110, Class Number: 21158


Performance Studies in Classical Music

What is performance, and how does it convey meaning? Where does the musical work lie, and can we know authorial intention? What does research tell us about how classical music has been performed in the past, and how might this knowledge change our own performance choices and interpretive process? In this class, we will explore these and related questions from a variety of viewpoints, drawing from the field of Performance Studies as well as scholarship on score analysis and performance, recording analysis, and historical performance practice. In addition to reading, discussing and writing about these broad questions, the class will allow you to reflect on your own approach to performance and to undertake a practice-based performance research project.
Performance Studies in Classical Music:  MUSI 4559,  Peter D'Elia, 2.0 credits
Lecture: TR / 12:30-1:45 pm / OCH B012, Class Number: 21482


Bluegrass Band

This course seeks to develop the advanced playing, singing, improvising, and collaborating skills necessary to perform in a traditional bluegrass band, along with knowledge of bluegrass history and repertoire.
Blue Grass Band: MUEN 3646, Richard Will, 1.0 credit, Instructor permission / Prerequisite: MUEN 3645
Lecture: T / 6:00-7:00 pm / OCH 113, Class Number: 21183

Voice for Stage

A vocal performance class in which students alternately direct and perform in selected scenes. This course allows students to deepen their performing skills through alternating the roles of performer and director.  Students will study assigned texts, scores and source materials from musical theater, opera and song and will then develop directorial and presentational/design concepts for productions, directing each other in short scenes.  Prerequisite: Intermediate to advanced level/experience with solo singing and acting. instructor Permission Required.
Voice for Stage: MUEN 3657, Pam Beasley & Brenda Patterson, 2.0 credits
Lecture: R / 3:30-5:30 pm / OCH 107, Class Number: 21182


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