Love in the Charlottesville Symphony!

Written by Janet Kaltenbach

Love in the Charlottesville Symphony, by Janet Kalenbach

Little did Katy Ambrose know just how much her life would be transformed upon arriving in Charlottesville in 2015 to become the orchestra's new Principal Horn!

On her first Thursday night in town, Principal Trombone Nate Lee and his wife, violist Megan Gray, took Katy to Miller's to hear local jazz legend John D'earth play. While there, they introduced her to Carsten Clark, a long-time community member of the Symphony's violin section. During a subsequent encounter, Nate conveniently left Katy and Carsten alone.

A few weeks later, Aaron Hill – former Principal Oboe – decided to try his hand at matchmaking and prompted the "love connection" at a rehearsal of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Katy and Carsten's first real date was a fundraising event for the Symphony and Cupid's arrow struck! Nearly two and a half years later, they are married and have adorable twin boys.


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