Calidore String Quartet Visit

Students in Michael Puri’s Fall 2018 seminar, Music Theory 3, had the pleasure of hosting the world-renowned Calidore String Quartet in their seminar and hearing them perform later that evening in a Tuesday Evening Concert Series. In preparation for their visit on Tuesday, November 27, they spent a week studying the three quartets on the program: Haydn’s op. 20 no. 2, Mendelssohn’s op. 13, and Beethoven’s op. 130, including the latter’s original finale that is known as the “Great Fugue” (Grosse Fuge). On the day of the concert, the four quartet members attended class, where they fielded questions about the relation between analysis and performance, philosophies and practices of concert programming, effective rehearsal strategies, mentoring relationships, and collaborative skills. The Calidore String Quartet’s meticulous preparation and inspiring vision shone through in the concert, which was thrilling. The class rounded off this experience by writing individual notes of appreciation to Karen Pellón, Executive Director of the Tuesday Evening Concert Series, who has very kindly facilitated this artist-student outreach for Theory 3 for over a decade.  


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