Successful Martin Katz Master Class

The March 4-5, 2-day residency with guest artist Martin Katz was a great success and left a lasting impact on our students, both those who actively participated and those who observed. The comments from students were enthusiastic and their presence as they crowded into the small space in B017 to watch the "private" coaching sessions on Tuesday,  were a testament to their endorsement of the learning that was underway. Special congratulations to pianist and singer pairs who performed on the public Master Class on Monday evening (program attached): Zoe Gray, soprano and Joyce Lee, piano; Chuanyuan Liu, counter-tenor and Huangxing Li, piano; Madison Karten, mezzo-soprano and Julia Nguyen, piano;  Marcha Kiatrungrit, soprano and Benjamin Smith, piano. Congratulations also to these additional singers who participated in the Tuesday coaching sessions: Payton Moledor, soprano; Chris Morton, baritone; Faith Suhre, soprano; Benjamin Trombetta, tenor.


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