Fall 2019 Graduate Courses

Fall 2019 Graduate Courses

MUSI 7511 Introduction to Research in Music

Richard Will
3.0 credits
Lecture: R / 2:00-4:30 pm / OCH S008
Class Number10797


MUSI 7519 Current Studies in Research and Criticism
Topic: The Human Voice

Nomi Dave
3.0 credits
Lecture: W / 2:00-4:30 pm / OCH S008
Class Number19935


MUSI 7526 Topics in Ethnomusicology
Topic: Producing Ethnography

Noel Lobley
3.0 credits 
Lecture: T / 2:00-4:30 pm / Wilson 244
Class Number: 13613

This course explores many different methods, media and modes for producing ethnography. Through critical, interactive and collaborative engagement with evolving ethnographic media we will seek to understand how and why ethnographic knowledge is collected, produced, circulated, fictionalised distorted, embraced and resisted. Our investigations will take us through text, radio production, song collecting, composition and more, as we ask how collaborative production could even possible.

MUSI 7540 Computer Sound Generation and  Spatial Processing
Topic: Composing for Music & Movement

Luke Dahl
3.0 credits 
Lecture: M / 2:00-4:30 pm / OCH B011
Class Number: 13848

There are many interesting connections between music and movement. Music and dance occur together in every human culture. When we listen to music we experience an abstract sense of movement, and we use movement metaphors to describe music and its movement. Musical instruments can be thought of as devices for transducing human movement into sound.

In this class we will examine these relationships, we will study various technologies for measuring movement, and we will use these technologies to make music from movement and movement-based data. In particular we will explore how motion-capture can be used to generate musical sound in real-time, and we will work with dancers and other movers and performers to create new artistic works.

This class is a seminar for graduate composers in the CCT program of the music department. However advanced undergraduates or other interested students may contact the instructor to discuss joining the class.

MUSI 7547 Materials of Contemporary Music

Matthew Burtner
3.0 credits
Lecture: W / 2:00-4:30 / OCH B011
Class Number: 13154


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