Fall 2021 Graduate Courses

MUSI 7510 Cultural and Historical Studies of Music
Topic: TBA

Fred Maus
3.0 credits
W / 2:00-4:30 pm 
Class Number: 14290

“If human beings suddenly ceased imitating, all forms of culture would vanish.” Drawing inspiration from this striking claim by René Girard, this seminar will ask and seek to answer several questions. In the history of mimesis, what has been imitated, by whom, with what means, and to what end? How and why have western attitudes toward mimesis changed, particularly over the past two centuries? And how does mimesis figure into western musical theory and practice? The ability to decipher western musical notation will help you to read certain assigned texts, but is neither expected nor required.

MUSI 7511 Introduction to Research

Nomi Dave
3.0 credits
R / 2:00-4:30 pm 
Class Number: 14291


MUSI 7526 Topics in Ethnomusicology

Noel Lobley
3.0 credits
T / 2:00-4:30 pm
Class Number: 12785


MUSI 7547 Materials of Contemporary Music

Ted Coffey
3.0 credits
T / 5:00-7:30 
Class Number: 14377

MUSI 7583 Proseminar in Computer Music Composition

Matthew Burtner
3.0 credits
W / 2:00-4:30 
Class Number: 14428



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