Practice Room Sign-up

Practice Module use is currently restricted to those in a Music Department ensemble, those taking private lessons, or those who need them for a music class.
  • Reservations are not final until you receive a confirmation
  • Reservations in Old Cabell Hall are currently limited to 2 per day, must be made at least 24 hours in advance, and will only be processed during business hours
  • UVA IDs are required
  • Masks are required in practice modules for those who are not yet completely vaccinated

Currently, practice spaces in Old Cabell Hall are reserved exclusively for piano and string instruments. Anyone who would like to reserve a space for wind instruments or voice should reserve a practice space in New Cabell HallHowever, there are 3 additional practice spaces for those that do not require a piano on the New Cabell Hall reservations calendar. Reservation times vary by room. 

Practice Module Summer Hours:

Tues - Thurs: 9am - 4:45pm

Fri - Mon: Closed


Our Music Office and Practice Modules follow UVA's operating status. To find out more about UVA's inclement weather and emergency closures,

Sign-up Calendars             

Same-day reservations cannot be processed. Reservations must be requested a day in advance.                                             

Practice Module 1 (upright/smaller space*)

Practice Module 2 (upright)

Practice Module 3 (upright)

Practice Module 4 (upright)

Practice Module 5 (grand piano/smaller space*)

Practice Module 6 (grand piano/smaller space*)

Practice Module 7 (grand piano/smaller space*)

Practice Module 8 (Harp students only)

Practice Module 9 (upright)

Practice Module 10 (upright)

Practice Module 11 (digital piano)

Practice Module 12 (upright/smaller space*)

*Smaller spaces not recommended for larger instruments







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