Practice Room Sign-up

You must submit an online Practice Module Contract before making reservations.

On Saturdays the modules are open to all students. No reservations, key sign-out at the front desk, UVA ID required.


  • Reservations are currently limited to 3 a day, and cannot be made more than 2 weeks in advance

  • UVA IDs are required

  • You must reserve a time slot online, but do not need to wait for a confirmation 

  • Contact Leslie Walker for questions or cancellations


Times vary by module.         

Practice Module 1 upright/smaller space*

Practice Module 2 upright

Practice Module 3 upright

Practice Module 4 upright

Practice Module 5 grand piano/smaller space*

Practice Module 6 grand piano/smaller space*

Practice Module 7 grand piano/smaller space*

Practice Module 8 Harp Students Only

Practice Module 9 upright

Practice Module 10 upright

Practice Module 11 digital grand

Practice Module 12 upright/smaller space*

*Smaller spaces not recommended for larger instruments


UVA Department of Music
112 Old Cabell Hall
P.O. Box 400176 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4176