Spring 2020 Graduate Courses

Spring 2020 Graduate Courses

MUSI 7510 Cultural and Historical Studies of Music

Fred Maus
3.0 credits
Lecture: R / 2:00-4:30 / OCH S008
Class Number: 19860


MUSI 7519 Current Studies in Research and Criticism
Topic: The 'Black' Voice

A.D. Carson
3.0 credits
LectureT / 2:00-4:30 pm / NCH 398
Class Number20256

This course focuses on critical analyses of and questions concerning “The ‘Black’ Voice” as it pertains to hip-hop culture, particularly rap and related popular musics. Students will read, analyze, discuss a wide range of thinkers to explore many conceptions and definitions of “Blackness” while examining popular artists and the statements they make in [and about] their art. 

Much more than attempting, ourselves, to define or identify what is meant by “The ‘Black’ Voice,” this class will actively participate in creative and intellectual investigations of how many thinkers [artists included] approach and engage the idea/s alluded to by the phrase and its components.

MUSI 7526 Topics in Ethnomusicology
Topic: Contemplative Studies in Ethno/Musicology

Maria Guarino
3.0 credits
LectureM / 2:00-4:30 pm / OCH S008
Class Number: 19748

The emerging field of contemplative studies invites increasingly engaged, compassionate, collaborative scholarship and teaching that draws the focus to practice, process, creativity, and intuitive thinking. It emphasizes individual experience and interpersonal connectedness as it moves toward more deeply humanistic scholarship. In this seminar, we will look at what this movement has to say to research, writing, and teaching in ethno/musicology. How might a contemplative approach shape the kinds of questions music scholars ask and the processes through which we seek answers? How do contemplative practices inform these modes of inquiry? How can such approaches, when integrated into research and teaching, foster social justice, compassion, resilience, humility, and connectedness in our communities? 

MUSI 7547 Materials of Contemporary Music

Leah Reid
3.0 credits
Lecture: W / 2:00-4:30 / OCH B011
Class Number: 18636


MUSI 7559 Notational Impacts

Heather Frasch
3.0 credits
Lecture: R / 5:00-7:30 / OCH S008
Class Number: 20400

This course will explore a range of possibilities of sonic notation in notated compositions, extended listening practices, performer-composer interactions and site-specific works. It will think through the meaning of notated communication from new complexity thinkers, to de-coupling physical performance techniques, to graphic scores, text-sound relationships and hopefully others. The course will examine how notation can be an important compositional parameter and the ways it can be used to impact structural decisions and sounding forms. The objective is for creative practitioners to develop their own unique voice when making communication decisions for specific sonic situations.


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