Summer 2023 Courses

Summer 2023 Courses

Session I (May 22-June 16)

MUSI 2390 Introduction to Music and Computers
MUSI 3390 Music and Computers
MUSI 4545 Advanced Projects in Computers and Music (Combined Sections)

Matthew Burtner
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-3:15pm / Online
Class Number: 12072 / 12074 / 12075


MUSI 2390/3390 will introduce you to the dynamic field of computer music. You will learn about topics including acoustics; digital sound, editing, and processing; recording and multi-track mixing; and MIDI. You will also learn about the historical evolution of electronic and computer music, and will study selected examples of both. We will cover elements of compositional design and hear them applied in a range of styles. You will have ample hands-on experience, and the opportunity to create original music. This course counts for the composition component of the Music Major. Programs to be used include Bias Peak, Frequency, Digital performer and Sound Hack. We will be working on the Mac platform, though the concepts you learn will be broadly applicable.

Session II (June 20-July 14)

MUSI 2120 History of Jazz Music
MUSI 3120 Jazz Studies (Combined Sections)
Topic: Hearing as Jazz Musicians Hear

John D'earth
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 10:30am - 12:45pm / OCH B012
Class Number: 10523 / 10526

An in-depth look at the way jazz musicians listen to music. What do they listen for? How do they use recordings of great jazz performances to grow as musicians and improvising artists? What skills are required to develop timing, phrasing, and musical creativity? The course will examine the recorded work of major jazz artists, exploring the “inner hearing” of musicians with participatory exercises in rhythm, melody and movement. It will demonstrate the processes by which jazz musicians master theory, musical structure, their instruments, and the jazz language itself. For musicians and non-musicians; no previous jazz experience necessary.

MUSI 2509 Music in Relation to Sexuality and Disability
MUSI 3509 Sexuality, Disability, and Music (Combined Sections)

Fred Maus
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-3:15pm / Online
Class Number: 12076 / 12077


Session III (July 17-August 11)

MUSI 2307 Play Guitar! Level 1

Michael Rosensky
2.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-2:30pm / OCH B012
Class Number: 10525

Fundamentals of playing guitar, along with rhythmic training, music theory, song forms, and more. Suitable for beginning, intermediate, and experienced performers.

Students must provide their own guitar.

MUSI 2350 Technosonics: Digital Music
MUSI 4545 Advanced Projects in Computers and Music (Combined Sections)

Matias Vilaplana Stark
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 1:00-3:15pm / OCH B012
Class Number: 12080 / 12081


MUSI 2509 Music, Markets and Music Loving
MUSI 3509 Topics in Music Studies (Combined Sections)

Sam Golter
3.0 credits
Lecture: MTWRF / 10:30am - 12:45pm / OCH B012
Class Number: 12078 / 12079



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