Juraj Kojs

Program: CCT (Composition & Computer Technologies)

Term Graduated: Spring 2008

Dissertation: "Cyberactions and Cyberinstruments via Physical Modeling Synthesis: Extending Musical Realities"

Placement: Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Department of Music Theory & Composition in the Frost School of Music, University of Miami (Miami, FL)

Previous Placement: Instructor of Audio Production, Miami International University of Art and Design (Miami, FL)

Bio Information:

Juraj was born (in 1976) and raised in Slovakia. He is a composer, pianist, and educator. He has studied composition with Beth Wiemann, Kristine Burns, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Fredrick Kaufman, Matthew Burtner, and Judith Shatin. His studies in piano began in Slovakia and continued in the US with Alena Komorasova, Peter Cerman, Baycka Voronietsky, Phillip Silver, Kemal Gekic, and Jose Lopez. Mr. Kojs is a Ph.D. graduate in Composition and Music Technologies at the University of Virginia. Juraj' compositions were featured at the International Computer Music Conference 2006 (New Orleans, USA), Sonoimagenes 2006 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference 2006 (Paris, France), Gaudeamus International Music Week 2005 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), and Society of Composers Inc. National Conference 2005 (Greensboro, USA). In 2006, Kojs' composition 'Revelations' was awarded the first place prize at Eastman Electroacoustic Composition and Performance Competition. Additionally, his piece 'In Secret' received an honorable mention at the Digital Art Award in Tokyo, Japan.

Juraj has an interest in discovering new acoustic worlds and involving technology in composition processes is reflected in Kojs' music. Juraj Kojs is a founding member of SofIA: Sonorities of Interactive Acoustics and MIAMI: Medialogy Interactive Acoustics and Multimodal Interfaces. These groups specialize in interactive audio-visual performance and research. Recently, SofIA performed at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and MIAMI appeared at Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

University of Virginia awarded Juraj Kojs a Dissertation Year Fellowship for the academic year 2006-2007 and the Award for Excellence 2007 in Scholarship in the Humanities & Social Sciences. The funding has enabled him to advance in working on his dissertation, which discusses how virtual instruments by means of physical modeling synthesis facilitate a continuum between physical and virtual realities in music.

While at the University of Maine, Florida International University, and University of Virginia, Kojs has assisted with teaching and taught a number of undergraduate courses. Additionally, as a visiting lecturer in interactive performance and computer sound related classes, Kojs joined the faculty of Medialogy Department at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark during the academic year 2004-2005.

Website: www.kojs.net/


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