Martin Daughtry Colloquium

September 27, 2019 - 3:30pm
107 Old Cabell

Martin Daughtry's colloquium takes place September 27 at 3:30pm in Old Cabell 107.

Martin Daughtry is an Associate Professor at NYU and his studies focus on ethnomusicology, acoustic violence, music of the Russian-speaking world, and sound studies. Over the past several years, Daughtry has been exploring the social dynamics of sound and listening in different contexts. His work draws from ethnomusicology, sound studies, the anthropology of the senses, and the ethnographic study of violence. Daughtry's core research projects -- on the sonic dimension of the Iraq war, Soviet and post-Soviet musical practices, music in the post-9/11 world, and the multifaceted significance of voice and vocality --share a common thread: they all explore the capacities and limits of sonic cultures in a complex world of often-violent change. The focus on violence, implicit in his early work, has intensified in recent years, as has Daughtry's engagement with sound studies. But the emphasis on (a) the efficacy and fragility of cultural processes, (b) the phenomenology of listening, and (c) the persistence and transformation of sonic practices in the wake of social disruption has remained fairly consistent throughout.

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