Locker Request

Locker Request/Agreement Form

Please note that submitting a locker request does not guarantee that you will get a locker. We will notify you when a locker has been assigned, or if we do not have adequate space for your instrument(s). Many lockers are assigned in the Fall semester for the full year, so there is generally lower availability in the Spring semesters.

Instrument lockers are available for a fee (listed below) during each semester or for the full academic year. First priority is given to instrumental music students enrolled in curricular ensembles or taking private lessons. Pending availability, those not enrolled in ensembles or lessons may be assigned a locker after other requests have been processed. Because of limited locker space, you are not guaranteed a locker. Most lockers will be shared with another student. Large cabinet lockers will be shared with several other students. Students may request a specific locker partner.

Lockers are used at students' own risk, and neither UVA nor the McIntire Department of Music is liable for any loss, damage, or theft of the contents left in any locker or for the disposal of its contents. You may only store your instrument case in your locker - no backpacks, friends' instruments, food, etc. Users are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance for instruments of high value. If a locker is being shared by two or more students and if responsibility is unclear, all individuals using that locker will share the cost of any damage to the locker or the cost to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged lock. You may not leave your locker open or unlocked when unattended. Please also note that lockers are subject to search without further notification, to ensure that they are being used according to department policy as outlined on this form. If you are found in violation of these policies, your locker privileges will be revoked and a fee may be assessed.

You will not make use of a personal/unassigned padlock on any of the instrument lockers.

Report any locker problems to the Administrative Assistant. All locker contents must be removed by the end of exams for that particular semester.

Locker Fees:

$10 per semester (except Summer Term, which is $5)

$15 for utilizing a personal padlock on a locker
$15 for leaving a locker unlocked (even if it is empty)
$15 for using a locker to store items other than your own instrument (food, backpacks, friends' instruments, etc.)
$30 for keeping equipment in a locker beyond the semester deadline (end of exams for that semester)

Other Fees
$15 if a lock is damaged or stolen
If a locker is damaged, the student must pay the cost of that repair.

I understand and accept the terms of this agreement as stated above.

i.e. CLAS/2018
List your dormitory if you live on-Grounds
List the instrument(s) you will need to have stored. We cannot guarantee that one space will be able to house multiple instruments, nor that we have space available for everything you list.
If you are currently auditioning for ensembles, you may list those.
Yes/No; If yes, please indicate your instructor
Lockers for larger instruments are usually shared with other students. If you know of a student in particular with whom you would like to share, you may list their name here.
Storing an instrument during the Fall/Spring semesters costs $10 each, and Summer semesters cost $5.
By typing your full name in this "Signature" field, you are indicating that you have read and understood the rules and regulations outlined on the Locker Request (see above), including acknowledgment of the various fees for locker use and misuse. Failure to follow these rules will result in penalty fees and loss of the privilege to use an instrument locker for the remainder of the academic year.


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