Colloquium Series

The Music Department Colloquium Series is free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted. Invited speakers have represented a broad range of backgrounds and interests; recently, we have enjoyed visits by Ann Cooper Albright, Milton Babbitt, Scott Burnham, Mark Butler, Suzanne Cusick, Walter Frisch, Kyle Gann, John Gibson, Katherine Hagedorn, Berthold Hoeckner, Melissa Hui, Elisabeth Le Guin, Susan McClary, Louise Meintjes, Roger Parker, Lara Pellegrinelli, Douglas Irving Repetto, Deidre Sklar, Robynn Stilwell, Troika Ranch (a digital dance theater company), Dan Trueman, Gayle Wald, Kendall Walton, James Webster, and Deborah Wong, among many others. Please see below for colloquium guests currently scheduled.


Dates and guests are subject to change, so please check back to this page for any subsequent updates to the colloquium schedule.

FALL 2016

Tomie Hahn - 9/16/16, 3:30pm, 107 Old Cabell
Dan Welcher - 9/23/16, 3:30pm, 107 Old Cabell
Raman Kalyan - 11/18/16, 3:30pm, 107 Old Cabell


Nadine Hubbs - 1/27/17, 3:30pm, 107 Old Cabell (CCS)
Zhen Wang - 2/10/17, 107 Old Cabell (CCT)
Maureen Mahon - 2/24/17, 3:30pm, 107 Old Cabell (CCS)
Tara Rodgers - 4/21/17, 3:30pm, 107 Old Cabell (CCT)
Cuong Vu and Glen Whitehead - 4/28/17, 3:30pm 107 Old Cabell (CCT)


The Colloquium schedule is subject to change. All changes and additions will be announced as soon as they have been made.



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