Graduate Program Alumni

NameTerm GraduatedDissertation Title
Aaslid, VildeSpring 2014"Interaction, Collaboration, and Improvisation in the Intersection of Jazz and Poetry"
Adkins, JosephSpring 2014"Strange Tales from Appalachia: Pammanottus"
Barton, ScottFall 2012"Understanding Musical Discontinuity"
Bidgood, LeeSpring 2011"'America is All Around Here': An Ethnography of Bluegrass Music in Contemporary Czech Republic"
Bishop, MichaelSummer 2012"A Socioesthetics of Punk: Theorizing Personal Narrative, History, and Place"
Carlson, GretchenSpring 2016"Jazz Goes to the Movies: Contemporary Jazz Musicians' Work at the Intersections of the Jazz and Film Art Worlds"
Coddington, AmySummer 2017"Rap on the Radio: Making Hip Hop into Hit Pop, 1986-1994"
Comen, CraigSpring 2019"At the Origins of Music Analysis"
Cook, JuliaSpring 2013"Re-Enchanting Modernity in the Imaginative Geek Counterculture: Musical Life and Performance in Neo-Pagan, Society for Creative Anachronism, and Science Fiction Podcasting Communities"
Cosper, DavidSpring 2011"Interpretation, Narrativity, and Musical Performance"
Culpeper, SarahFall 2013"Performing Conformity, Unleashing Craft: Female Vocalists of Postwar Pop, 1945-1956"
Davis, KevinSpring 2017"Instrumentality in the Expanded Field of Music Composition"
D'Elia, PeterSummer 2016"Critiquing the Enlightenment: Beethoven's Music in Early Romanticism"
Decker, JeffreyFall 2012"A Man Without Envy: Nat King Cole, Race, Integration and the Politics of Crossover"
Deluca, ErikSpring 2016"Wolf Listening: Acoustemological Politics and Poetics of Isle Royale National Park"
Doktor, StephanieFall 2016"'The Jazz Problem': How U.S. Composers Grappled With the Sounds of Blackness, 1917-1925"
Ek, KirstinFall 2014"'A Precipice Between Deadly Perils": American Folk Music and the Mass Media, 1933-1959
Ervin, JarekSpring 2017"New York Punk Rock: Genre as Mourning & Reconciliation (1967-1980)"
Flood, ElizabethSpring 2017"Now we'll have the women play": Class and Gender in Amateur Country Music Performance"
Gale, EmilySpring 2014"Sounding Sentimental: American Popular Song from Nineteenth-Century Ballads to 1970s Soft Rock"
Goldin-Perschbacher, ShanaSpring 2008"Sexuality, Listening, and Intimacy: Gender Transgression in Popular Music, 1993-2008"
Guarino, MariaSpring 2012"Listen with the Ear of the Heart: A Contemplative Ethnography of Musical Performance, Communal Religions Life and Mystical Spirituality among the Monks of the Weston Priory"
Gunst, StephanieSpring 2019"Mechanized Voices and Machinic Bodies: The Music Box in US Popular Media"
Hsu, AurieFall 2012"Kinesonic Composition, Choreographed Sound: Balancing Kinetic and Kinesthetic Sense with Physical and Imagined Gesture in Music"
Hsu, WendySpring 2011"Redefining Asian America: Politics, Aesthetics, and Social Networks of Independent Rock Musicians"
Jones, MatthewSpring 2014"How to Make Music in an Epidemic: Hearing AIDS, 1981-1996"
Kemper, StevenFall 2012"From Sacred Narrative to Evocations of Ancientness: Mythical Meaning in Contemporary Music"
Kirby, JasonSummer 2016"Antimodernism and Genre from Country-Rock to Alt.Country, 1968-98."
Kleftis, CourtneySpring 2016"Operatic Transvestism, Disguise Roles, and Women's Sexual Agency in Handel's Operas (1727-1741)"
Kojs, JurajSpring 2008"Cyberactions and Cyberinstruments via Physical Modeling Synthesis: Extending Musical Realities"
Lindau, ElizabethSummer 2012"Art is Dead. Long Live Rock! Avant-Gardism and Rock Music, 1967-1999"
Lewis, StevenSummer 2018"Jazz Neoclassicism and Racial Uplift, 1970-2007"
Ludwig, LorenSpring 2011"'Equal to All Alike': A Cultural History of the Viol Consort in England, c. 1550-1675"
Maguire, RyanSpring 2019"An Aesthetic of the Irreducible"
O'Halloran, SarahSummer 2015"Stitching: Orality, Literacy, and Music"
Peck, ChrisSpring 2015"Composition in an Expanded Field of Performance: Experimental Music in Collaboration with Contemporary Music"
Robbins, AllisonSummer 2010"Let's Face the Music and Dance: Hollywood Musicals and the Mediatization of Broadway, 1933-1939"
Rubin, NicholasSpring 2010"Signing On: U.S. College Rock Radio and the Popular Music Industry, 1977-1983"
Sammons, LanierSpring 2012"Audience Interactivity and the Concert Hall Audience"
Simonson, MarySummer 2007"Music, Dance, and Female Creativity in Early Twentieth-Century American Performance"
Spitsyn, YurySummer 2015"Composing with EncycloSpace: a Recombinant Sample-based Algorithmic Composition Framework"
Stine, EliSpring 2019"Modeling Natural Systems in Immersive Electroacoustic Sound"
Swendsen, PeterFall 2009"Amplified Whispers and the Artifice of Inaction: for Electroacoustic Music and Interactive Dance"
Szabo, VictorSpring 2015"Ambient Music as Popular Genre: Historiography, Interpretation, Critique"
Tfirn, MaxwellSummer 2017"Hearing Images and Seeing Sound: The Creation of Sonic information Through Image Interpolation"
Traub, PeterFall 2010"Spatial Exploration: Physical Abstracted, and Hybrid Spaces as Compositional Parameters in Sound Art"
Tschirhart, PeterSpring 2013"Sound Maps and the Prepresentation of Audible Space"
Turowski, PaulSpring 2016"Digital Game as Musical Notation"
Warren, KristinaSpring 2017"Show More/Show Less: Extended Voice, Technology, and Presence"
Zorn, JonathanSpring 2012"Voices in the Electronic Furnace: Towards an Analysis of Electroacoustic Vocal Music"


Undergraduate Program Alumni

Where are our undergraduates now? This list shows where some of our undergraduate students have gone on, in terms of graduate school programs in music, or music-related jobs. If you were a Music Major at the University of Virginia and have pursued a career in the arts (or have done or know of internship/job opportunities which might interest our current music students), let us know at We would love to hear from you! You can also join our LinkedIn group for the McIntire Department of Music.

NameClassWhere Are They Now?
Mark Leemis2014Freelance Video/Audio Technician, NYC
Brianna Meese2014Masters Student in Vocal Performance at The Boston Conservatory
Drew O'Shanick2014Mastered in Opera at The Boston Conservatory
Andrew Aylward2013Producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, DC
Trenley Anderson2012Master of Music in Woodwinds at New York University
Katharina Bernard2012Program Assistant at Queensland Music Festival
Nathan Broaddus2012Audio Production & Sound Design
Leah Manning2012Administrative Assistant of the Washington Performing Arts Society, DC
Kim McMasters2012Assistant eCommerce Manager for Musictoday
Mike Anderson2011Film Composer, Nashville TN
Melanie Ashkar2011Resident Artist at Utah Opera
Ryan Calonder2011Trumpet Instructor
Eli Chen2011Master of Music in Orchestral Conducting at Northwestern University
Wren Curtis2011Freelance Audio Engineer & Sound Designer
Martha Eason2011Masters in Vocal Performance at Indiana University
Kiran Kumar2011Masters Student in Music Technology at New York University
Lisa Newill-Smith2011Freelance Opera Singer, Berlin
Richard Block2010Freelance Bassist
Nowell Gatica2010Piano Technician at Steinway Hall, Dallas TX
Caleb L'Etoile2010Booking Agent, DJ & Music Producer, DC
Kacye McGehee2010Songwriter/Performer, NYC
Eric Montgomery2010Web Developer and Music Producer, Nasvhille TN
Benjamin Schildkraut2010Arts Management with Creative Artists Agency, NYC
Mark Williams2010Recruitment & Alumni Relations with "From the Top," Boston MA
Jordan Yonce2010Choral Music Director at St. Andrew's Episcopal School
Gregory Weaver2009Composer & Producer at Score Musicworks
Rachel Becker2008Ph.D. Candidate in Musicology at the University of Cambridge
Melanie Leinbach2008Resident Artist at Tri-Cites Opera
Vivek Virani2008Asst. Prof. of Ethnomusicology, University of North Texas
Timothy Shull2006Music & Media Application Development
Elliott Grabill2005Freelance Composer, DC
Sean Peuquet2005Arts Education/Advocacy with madelife
Burcin Elmas2004Independent Musician
Henry Jessup2004Music Teacher in Arlington Public Schools
Anna Palumbo2004Music/Arts Therapist, NYC
Tony Sheppard2004CFO at S.P. Entertainment, Los Angeles CA
Theresa Steward2004Music Educator, Richmond VA
Heather Hightower2003Music Director at Field School of Charlottesville
Mary Klapmust2003Self Employed Piano Instructor, DC
Blaire Perrin2003Freelance Musician/Music Business, NYC
Brian Rice2003School of Music Assistant to the Dean at Catholic University, DC
Kathy Olson2002Saxophone Instructor/Composer, Boston MA
Sarah Kraus2001Actor/Singer, Richmond VA
John Hastings2000Composer/Curator/Artist, NYC
Michael Mizrahi2000Professional Pianist
James DeWire1999Lecturer in Music at Frostburg State University
Kelly Gross1999Piano Instructor at the University of Virginia
Jon Provan1999Media Production, NYC
Miranda Eggleston1998Producer/Owner of Eggleranda Productions, Inc.
Ravi Krishnaswami1998Creative Director at COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound
Chris Bonavia1997Vice President at Universal Music Group
Lisa Mezzacappa1997Instrumentalist/Composer/Music Producer, San Francisco CA
Sam Retzer1996Composer/Producer at Sam Justice
Kolai Laget1995Composer at Asahra Music, DC
David Kaplowitz1990Video/Multimedia Producer, London
Andrew Kurtz1989Music Director of the Gulf Coast Symphony
Michael Rosensky1987Guitar Instructor at the University of Virginia
Greg Simms1984Music Instructor at Cape Fear Community College



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