Telemetry Music Series: Analog Tara, Paige Naylor, Dream Animals

Friday, April 21 - 2017

The April installment of the Telemetry Music Series presented by the McIntire Dept of Music and The Bridge PAI features performances from:

Analog Tara: Dr. Tara Rodgers (Analog Tara) is a multi-instrumentalist composer and historian of electronic music. She is the author of Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound (2010) and numerous articles on the history of sound and synthesizers. Her music, from analog techno to generative sound installations made with SuperCollider, has been presented around the U.S. and internationally.

Paige Naylor: Paige Naylor is a vocalist, composer and artist based out of Cville, whose music blends synthesizer, immersive soundscapes and layered voices together into a meditative wash. Also known for her dream-pop solo project, Shades of Opal ( and as a member of locally-known dream-rock group, Sweet Tooth.

Dream Animals (Luke Dahl and Benjamin Luca Roberston)

A collision of microtones, diffuse textures and lost beats.


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