Visualizing Telematic Music Performance

A performance of duets for percussion, viola and robot avatars, simultaneously performed at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia

Saturday, December 03 - 2022

The UVA Music Department in collaboration with the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater & Dance will present two performances for percussion, viola and “dancing” robot avatars on Saturday, December 3 at 3pm and 4pm.

Each performance will take place simultaneously at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia, with the sound of each musician being streamed over the internet to the other location.

As a way of creating a sense of presence and embodiment across the distance, the movements  and gestures of each musician will be sensed by a motion capture system, and this data will be sent over the internet to control the movement of a robot avatar at the distant location. 

This event will feature percussionist I-Jen Fang (UVA), violist Matt Albert, (U-M), percussionist Gavin Ryan (U-M), and percussionist Sui Lin Tam (U-M). 


Watch live stream here on Saturday 12/3/22 at 3pm and 4pm.


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