Instrument Lockers

Lockers for Fall 2020: As we strive to observe social distancing guidelines in Old Cabell Hall during the Fall of 2020, we strongly recommend that students keep their instruments with them. For those who are unable to do so, we will try to accommodate locker requests, although we may have limited space available. Online Locker Request Forms may be submitted at any time.

Who can have a locker?

Anyone in the University community may rent a locker, but priority is given to those in ensembles or taking lessons. Simply fill out the Locker Request Form with the proper information, agreeing that you won’t misuse the locker. There are lockers of various sizes for each instrument.

When will lockers become available?

Locker Request Forms may be submitted at any time. The Administrative Assistant will sort through all of the locker requests and accommodate as many people as possible. 

Is there a fee associated with renting a locker?

Yes. The fee is $10 per semester; lockers are available for a reduced charge of $5 during the summer. There are also penalty fees if it is found that the locker is being misused (see below). We accept cash only.

How will I find out if I get a locker? And the locker number/combination?

After you have submitted a Locker Request Form, the Administrative Assistant will email you as soon as the locker has been assigned. You then come by the Music Office in Old Cabell Hall to pay and pick up the combination.

Can I rent a locker for the entire year, or just for the semester?

Currently we are operating on a semster-by-semester basis. If you would like to keep your locker in the spring, you will need to pay an additional $10 next semester.

Other questions?

Questions about lockers can be directed to Leslie Walker, our Administrative Assistant by calling (434) 924-3052 or emailing

Online Locker Request Form:

Locker Request Form

Fill out the locker request form using the link above. Your request will be processed, and you will then be contacted by e-mail. You will receive your locker number and combination once you come into the Music Department Office (main floor of Old Cabell Hall) and pay the Administrative Assistant. 

Penalty Fees:

$15 – Utilizing a personal padlock on a locker
$15 – Leaving a locker unlocked (even if it is empty)
$15 – Using locker to store restricted items (food, friend’s instruments, backpacks, etc.)
$30 – Keeping equipment in a locker beyond the end-of-semester deadline
$15 – Replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen lock
If a locker is damaged, student must pay the cost of the repair


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