A/V Policy

Policy on Photography, Audio and Video Recordings


The University of Virginia’s Department of Music (“University”) establishes the following policy to provide clear information about its procedures and practices in regard to recording, use, and preservation of public performances (e.g. concerts, master classes, workshops, colloquia and other events open to the public) that are sponsored by the University.  The University formally recognizes or sponsors many different performance ensembles or groups listed below in Appendix A (“Covered Ensembles and Groups”).

Many Covered Ensembles and Groups have flexible and changing memberships including students, faculty, other University employees, and community members that change from semester-to-semester and even within a given semester. The voluntary decision to participate in a Covered Ensemble or Group will be deemed consent for the University to audio and/or video record any public performances by that ensemble or group. In addition, the University engages in group photography of Covered Ensembles or Groups during public performance events and rehearsals. Participation by faculty, staff, and community members in Covered Ensembles or Groups will be deemed consent to such photography as well.  

The University utilizes audio and video recording mechanisms to preserve a record of most public performances by Covered Ensembles and Groups. These recordings are used for the University’s educational, teaching, research, preservation, and promotional purposes, including de minimis sales activities where proceeds support University programs. Recordings are stored in the University’s Music Library, where they are treated as regular library materials and are accessible to students, faculty and staff of the University as well as members of the public who are eligible library patrons.

The University takes photographic images to preserve a record of Covered Ensembles and Groups, and for educational, teaching, and promotional purposes. University students subject to FERPA*, will be asked to consent to any photography that will involve close-up images, such consent being purely voluntary.

Both images and recordings may be used in whole or in part in University publications, on the University’s website, or in other media of any type at the University’s discretion.

All Department of Music Ensembles and Affiliated Organizations are covered by this policy.

*The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, see http://www.virginia.edu/registrar/privacy.html.



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