Juan Carlos Vasquez

CCT (Composition & Computer Technologies)



Juan Carlos Vasquez is an award-winning composer, sound artist, and researcher. His electroacoustic music works are performed constantly around the world and to date have premiered in more than 30 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Vasquez has received grants and commissions from numerous institutions, including the ZKM, the International Computer Music Association, the Nokia Research Center, the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, the Arts Promotion Centre in Finland, the Finnish National Gallery, and CW+ in partnership with the Royal College of Music in London, UK. Some of the events and venues that have featured Vasquez’s works include Ars Electronica (AU), the Ateneum Art Museum (FI), The New York City Library for Performing Arts (Lincoln Center, NY, USA), the Berklee College of Music, Matera Intermedia Festival (IT), Sonorities Festival Belfast (UK), BEAST FEaST (UK) and the New Music Miami ISCM Festival (USA) along with a large number of academic events held by universities across the globe.

As a researcher, Vasquez’s writings can be found in the Computer Music Journal, the Leonardo Music Journal, and the proceedings of all the standard conferences of the field. Vasquez received his education at the Sibelius Academy (FI), Aalto University (FI), and the University of Virginia (US). His scores are published by Babel Scores, and his music is distributed by Naxos, MIT Press (US), Important Records (US), and Phasma Music (Poland).


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