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Gabrielle Cerberville

CCT (Composition & Computer Technologies)



Gabrielle Cerberville (b. 1991 in Sleepy Hollow, NY) is a curious American composer turned creative alchemist. She writes with an experimental flair that is at once familiar and alien, and her work regularly blends the lines between disciplines and discrete art forms. Her work is an exploration of communication, primarily between humans and our natural neighbors (plants, fungi, animals, and finding our place within ecosystems). She holds a Masters of Music in composition from Western Michigan University and a Bachelor of Music from Butler University in composition, and is pursuing her Ph.D in Music Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia.

Gabrielle’s works have been featured across the US and Europe. She has been honored with residencies at United Plant Savers in Ohio, Port Austin AiR in Michigan, Listhus in Iceland, Arts Letters and Numbers in New York, NES in Iceland, Convergence in Indianapolis, and has participated in several festivals, including the Ammerman Symposium, MOXsonic, Impulse New Music, EMM, Skammdegi, and A! Festival. Gabrielle’s striking and welcoming compositions have been highlighted by the artistic talents of Shanna Pranaitis, Forward Motion, Elizabeth A. Baker, Ashley Walters, Kory Reeder, Ascending Duo, Circuit721, Sotto Voce, Nicholas Tolle, Verdant Vibes, and others. She is also a well-known figure in the mycology and foraging communities, and lectures widely about sustainability, edible wild plants and fungi, identification, and environmental activism.


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