Music Department Honors 2021 Graduates

Graduation Ceremony 2021
May 24, 2021 - 2:00pm
Virtual Ceremony due to COVID-19 restrictions


Program - UVA Music Graduation Ceremony


2021 Graduates

Ph.D. in Critical and Comparative Studies in Music


Victoria Rose Clark
Dissertation TitleThe Indigenous Experience in Twentiety-Century Musical Indianism

Victoria participated in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Student Council, the Honor Committee, the Raven Society, the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, the Praxis Program, and was an Election Officer for the City of Charlottesville. She also received fellowships and research awards across the country and regional and national conferences. Victoria worked at the Special Collections Library and held internships at the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Aspen Institute.

Aldona Dye
Dissertation Title“Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies”: White Womanhood and Folk Song Collection in Early Twentieth Century America

In Aldona's first year of graduate school she took a folk music course with Richard Will where she discovered the Virginia Folklore Society, which would inspire her dissertation topic and become the subject of the first chapter of her dissertation. She worked with her advisor Bonnie Gordon to learn how to do archive research. She held two internships with the Institute of Public History: one with Virginia Humanities' History United project in Danville, and one with the UVA Law Library on Eugenics at UVA. She worked three summers as a graduate assistant at the Summer Transition program, and two summers at UVA School of Medicine's Summer Medical Leadership Program helping med school hopefuls craft strong personal essays. She traveled to Alabama, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. to do archive research for her dissertation. She presented her work at the American Musicological Society's conference in San Antonio in 2018, and at the Society for American Music's conference in New Orleans in 2019.She also volunteered and did part-time work at The Haven, a local homeless day shelter and homeless assistance nonprofit. 

Lydia Kelley Warren
Dissertation TitleHome of the Blues: Performance, Tourism, and Tips on Beale Street

During her time at UVA, Lydia enjoyed being a teaching assistant and a Praxis Digital Humanities Fellow, presenting at national conferences, and performing throughout the United States. She was honored to receive a pre-dissertation grant from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, which enabled her to start her archival and ethnographic field work in Memphis, Tennessee. She then worked as a heritage tourism consultant and advocate for musicians’ rights. She is currently a Tourism Reset Fellow and a museum director.



Ph.D. in Composition and Computer Technologies


Christopher John Luna
Dissertation TitleEnvironmental Sonic Translation

As a Composition and Computer Technologies graduate student, Chris' main projects consisted of Transcription and translation of environmental sound into notated music for performers and Data sonification of Long Term Ecological Research with the Coastal Futures Conservatory (commissioned by the Conservatory).

He played piano in the New Music Ensemble and the EcoSono Ensemble, as well as electric prepared guitar in Null Set. His music was performed by top level ensembles that the CCT brings each year, including JACK Quartet, Yarn|Wire, New Thread Quartet, and Splinter Reeds.

External projects and commissions were performed by the Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna, and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in festivals such as Tectonics-Reykjavik, Tectonics-Glasgow, Angelica-Bologna, and L’Off Montréal. His written publications include his dissertation, “Environmental Sonic Translation”, uploaded to the Online Archive of University of Virginia Scholarship, 2021; “Geysir: musical translation of geological noise”, published in the proceedings of the 2019 Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) conference, Marseille, France; and “Musical Aesthetics of the Natural World”, published in the Jefferson Journal of Science and Culture, Jefferson Scholars Foundation, Charlottesville, Virginia, 2019. 

His work was supported by the Buckner W. Clay Endowment for the Humanities, the Environmental Resilience Institute fellowship, the Coastal Futures Conservatory fellowship, and the Jefferson Scholars Foundation fellowship.

He wishes to thank the Music Department for its invaluable support. He is truly grateful for having been part of this department.

Kevin Patrick Parks
Dissertation TitlePerforming and Listening Bodies

Kevin studied with Matthew Burtner, Judith Shatin, and Ted Coffey. He was active as a performer and improvisor at UVA and in the community at large, performing frequently with Umi Hsu and Jacob Sargent as part of the Performance group, the Pinkos. He remembers his time at UVA with great fondness and dreams of returning someday to the Music Dept as a guest speaker or performer. He is currently 7,000 miles away, living and working in South Korea, and currently teaching at Daegu Catholic University. He wishes to congratulate all of his fellow UVA music grads.

Benjamin Luca Robertson
Dissertation TitleIntersections in Actuated String Instrument Design, Performance, and Just Tuning Practices

During his time at UVA, he was afforded the opportunity to perform his compositions as part of Telemetry series, Reembodied Sound Symposium (NYC), Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival (Richmond, VA), NIME (Blacksburg, VA), Farewell Transmissions (Kansas City, MO), MoxSonic Festival (Warrensburg, MO), SEAMUS, SCGMC, and other events. As well as performing his own work, he composed for Tiffany Valvo, Yarn|Wire, New Thread Quartet, Splinter Reeds, & Science Ficta. Within our own community, he had the pleasure of collaborating on research & other creative works with Luke Dahl, Ted Coffey, Alex Christie, Kevin Davis, and Heather Mease. Some of his fondest memories were spent in the Wilson Hall Makerspace, constructing instruments with department friends, colleagues, & students—as well as learning the finer points of CNC-machining, lasers, and circuit design with Jason Bennett, Peter Bussigel, & Travis Thatcher.

Aaron Neal Stepp
Dissertation TitlePy2MusicXML: Software for Prototyping Musical Ideas in Python

Aaron enjoyed teaching the theory rotation and the electronic music courses. He found the UVA students a delight to work with. He enjoyed working with the performance faculty on performances and collaborations.



Bachelor of Arts in Music


Francesco Badocchi

Following are some of the classes Francesco took during his time in the Music Department: Jazz Studies with Scott DeVeaux; Early Modern Music with Bonnie Gordon; The Classical Style with Michael Puri; Art and Pandemic with Leah Reid; 20th- and 21st-Century Music with Joel Rubin; and Learn to Groove with Robert Jospe. He also took private performance classes in percussion, piano, and voice.

Amelia Claire Bailey

During her time in the music department, Amelia has been a member of the Charlottesville Symphony for four years (and played in every concert), played in various chamber ensembles, taken private lessons, been in the Performance Concentration, and presented a Distinguished Major recital. She has also held four different jobs in the department: music library assistant, front desk supervisor, symphony bowing assistant, and social media intern! Her other non-curricular engagements have included being an original member of the Charlottesville Symphony Player’s Committee; holding a co-chair position on the Music Arts Board, which brought The Arcadian Wild to UVA for 5 days in April; and volunteering for the music department whenever she could, including photography, Days on the Lawn, VAFF, etc. Her favorite music courses (other than performance courses) have been Ecoacoustics with Prof. Burtner and Orchestration with Prof. Rous. 

She is graduating with double majors in Environmental Science and Music with a Performance Concentration. In the fall, she will be attending Manhattan School of Music to pursue a Masters of Music.

Jacob Mackenzie Baker

Jay enjoyed spending the past years taking courses in music history, production, and composition. In particular, he is very fond of his semester in Songwriting with Ted Coffey, who he is very thankful for, and the chance to take a seminar devoted entirely to the Beatles with Scott DeVeaux. While not in any UVA ensembles, he's greatly enjoyed writing and performing with his band, Ceterus, with fellow graduates Val Vila and Grayden Brock during his time in Charlottesville.




Joseph O'Keefe Barnum

Following are some of the classes Joseph took during his time in the Music Department: Sound Study with Ted Coffey; Computer Applications in Music with Luke Dahl; Materials of Contemporary Music with Leah Reid; Audio Visual Environments with Michele Zaccagnini; 20th- and 21st-Century Music with Joel Rubin; and Learn to Groove with Robert Jospe.

Grayden Matthew Brock

Grayden graduated December 2020 with B.A.’s in Music and Economics. Following are some of the classes Grayden took during his time in the Music Department: Songwriting with Ted Coffey; Computer Applications in Music with Luke Dahl; Art in Pandemic with Leah Reid; Audio Visual Environments with Michele Zaccagnini; 20th- and 21st-Century Music with Joel Rubin; and Learn to Groove with Robert Jospe.




Andrew Michael Buckley

During his time at UVA, Drew played alto sax in the Spaar Jazz Combo for four semesters, participated in MICE, sang in the Flying Virginians acapella group and served as the group's Vice President for one term and President for one term.

He worked alongside Prof. Noel Lobely and The Black Power Station, as well as the Kluge Ruhe. Formative classes were African Electronic Music (w/Lobley), Curating Sound (w/Lobley), Ecoacoustics (w/Burtner), MICE (w/ Burtner), Jazz Improvisation (w/D'earth), and Intro to Music and Computers (w/Reid).

Drew came into the department really focused on Jazz, but quickly got excited about computer music through Prof. Reid's Intro to Music and Computers class. He was especially excited to learn about Ecoacoustics, which provided a direct link between his two majors (Music and Environmental Sciences), and has served as a source of inspiration throughout his time here.

Caitlin Paige Catterton

Caitlin Catterton is a 5th year graduating with her Bachelors in Music and her Masters in Teaching Elementary Education. While at UVA, she participated in choral groups such as University Singers and the Virginia Women's Chorus and took private voice lessons in both classical and jazz styles. She also wrote several musical compositions, arrangements, and songs during her coursework in the music department. She will be teaching 4th grade at Greenbrier Elementary School here in Charlottesville in the fall and hopes to incorporate her musical talents and knowledge she gained at UVA into her classroom.




Cameron Stewart Church

During his time at UVA, Cameron was a member of Percussion Ensemble (8 semesters), Marching Band (3 seasons), and New Music Ensemble (3 semesters). He was Composer in Residence for the Clarinet Ensemble for one semester.

He had 15 of his pieces performed, including Musical Chairs, 3 Monkeys, Partition, D'etat, and Uno

His favorite courses were all of Professor Reid's composition courses! Specifically Composition I and Composition II. He took each course twice because he enjoyed them so much.

He will be attending Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in the fall for a Master’s degree in their Music Composition program.

Jonathan Edward Danis

Jonathan Danis is a graduating fourth year double major in Biology and Music from West Newbury, Massachusetts. One of the main reasons he chose UVA was the ability to easily double major with music and another area, as well as the incredible opportunities the Music Department gives to all UVA students. He sat as the pianist in Mike Rosensky's small jazz combo for three years. He was a member of several UVA student rock bands during his time here, including Sunday Gravity, Gravel Teens, and now Back Seat Driver. He played piano and bass guitar in these groups, performing all through Virginia and Charlottesville at various restaurants and private parties. Some of his most meaningful courses at UVA were Professor DeVeaux's Jazz Studies course, as well as Music Theory I and II.


Brent Bensiabello Davis

Brent Davis is graduating with degrees in Music with a Performance Concentration as a Distinguished Major, Commerce with Concentrations in Marketing and IT on a Business Analytics Track, and a minor in Statistical Analysis of Social Behavior.

Brent has studied with Professor Adam Carter and is a cellist in the Charlottesville Symphony. He has also been in several chamber ensembles, including Trio Sobrenna and the Jupiter Quartet. He is a Miller Arts Scholar and received the University Award for Projects in the Arts, funding the Music Department’s first-ever chamber ensemble recital for his piano trio, Trio Sobrenna. Brent has also performed in masterclasses with Misha Veselov, Wesley Baldwin, and László Polus.

Brent has thoroughly enjoyed studying music, taking courses including The Classical Style: Form in Tonal Music and Studies in 17th- and 18th-Century Music. He also worked as a Social Media Intern for the Department and the Symphony and currently serves on the Symphony Players Committee. Brent has made many musical memories at UVA, but perhaps his favorite is performing in a string trio at President Jim Ryan’s speech, The Hope that Summons Us. Brent is honored to have been a part of the Department and is incredibly grateful to the faculty and friends who have shaped his experience at UVA.

Tina Rose Hashemi

At UVA, Tina participated in three of the jazz chamber groups and with the UVA Jazz Ensemble, in addition to performing locally. She is the president and a founding member of the University Jazz Singers and studied privately under Stephanie Nakasian and John D’earth. She was also briefly a member of the University Singers and the Flying V’s acapella group. Through her participation in the Miller Arts Scholars Program, she was able to fund many musical projects during her time, including her Distinguished Major album. Her favorite courses were the Ethnomusicology course on The Human Voice with Nomi Dave and Deep Listening with Fred Maus.

John Palour Kanu

John Kanu graduated this past fall with degrees in Music with a Performance Concentration and Biology. He began playing music at a young age and decided to start playing the cello in sixth grade, and quickly developed a love for the art. He cultivated his talent at Thomas Dale High School (2012-2016) in Chester, VA. He developed his studies with Dana and Jason McComb and as a member of the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra (2010-2016).

His most recent study has been under the instruction of Professor Adam Carter at the University of Virginia. John is a member of the Charlottesville Symphony, and has played in many Chamber Ensembles during his time at UVA. While at UVA, he has played in a masterclass with Alan Weinstein, as well as competed in the MTNA Collegiate String Competition.

John has greatly enjoyed furthering his musical studies at UVA. In addition, he serves as a a certified pharmacy technician at the Charlottesville Free Clinic and the University of Virginia Hospital, where he works full time now.

John greatly believes in the power that music holds to bring people together.

Thomas Joseph Kehoe

Thomas joined the Jazz Ensemble as a first-year student without knowing how to play jazz, and then learned how throughout his four years at UVA. His favorite music classes included Songwriting with Heather Mease (lots of cool discussions about modern pop music), Meet the Beatles with Scott DeVeaux (very informative about the Beatles and modern pop/rock music in general), and the MICE class with Matthew Burtner (learned to make cool computer soundscape things in max msp).




Joanna Grace Klansek

During her first year, Joanna was a member of University Singers. She had the joy of working on Professor Nomi Dave's time capsule project for her year-long CCE musical ethnography course this year, as well with the Black Power Station in South Africa during a 2021 J-Term course taught by Professor Lobley. Some of her most meaningful courses during her time in the Music Department were Professor Coffey's Songwriting, Professor Burtner's Ecoacoustics, and Professor Dave's Music Ethnography. Her time in the music department has been marked by creativity and expanded perspectives. She feels so honored to be graduating with a degree from this fantastic department!

Joyce Jiyeon Lee

Within the Music Department, Joyce had the privilege to take courses which challenged her to think about and discuss music beyond a classical lens. Most influential have been Professor Noel Lobley and his courses Music Cultures: Curating Sounds and Arts Activism and Liberated Spaces at the Black Power Station; Studies in 19th-Century Music with Professor Elizabeth Ozment; and piano lessons with Professor John Mayhood.

It has also been a joy for her to collaborate with other musicians. Some performance highlights include masterclasses for Martin Katz and Renée Fleming with UVA alum Zoë Gray. During her second year through a Chamber Music course, she perform in the Tea Time Recital and juries alongside other wonderful pianists. 

One of her most meaningful experiences has been volunteering with and directing the program Harmonies for Healing, giving student musicians the opportunity to perform throughout the UVA Health System. The UVA Music Department has provided her with such rich and fulfilling experiences, and she always wants to find ways she can use music to give back to the community. She is thrilled to continue studying music and very thankful to the Music Department for a transformative past few years.

Ethan Jeffries Massey

Ethan played trumpet in the Charlottesville Symphony for all four years he was at UVA. He also played in several chamber groups, including a brass quintet and a brass trio. He remembers having a great time playing holiday carols outside Old Cabell Hall with his brass trio. His favorite class in the music department was Orchestration with Ben Rous during fall of his first year. It was the first year the course was offered, and there were only about 6 students in the course. He learned so much in that class and Ben Rous was such a fun professor to listen to. He’ll never forget nerding out to Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé Suite No. 2 and listening to the opening bars repeatedly. Like, maybe 15 times. Professor Rous opened his ears to a lot of great music. Also, taking lessons with Rachel Duncan and Arthur Zanin has been a highlight of his time at UVA. He has vastly improved his musicianship and technique on the trumpet, but also learned a great deal about things outside of music. He is so grateful to have had such great mentors and close friends as his teachers.

Maxwell Rodgers McCrady

Following are some of the classes Maxwell took during his time in the Music Department: Writing Rap and Composing Mixtapes with A.D. Carson; African Electronic Music with Noel Lobley; Early Modern Music with Bonnie Gordon; and Studies in 19th-Century Music with Elizabeth Ozment.

Veronica Rita Merril

Veronica Merril is a music major and the 2020-2021 President of the Miller Arts Scholars Program. While at UVA, she participated in the University Singers for seven semesters. Her favorite memories from her time in the group are singing Eriks Esenvalds "Stars" at the O'Hill Observatory and working with Professor Michael Slon on digital projects during the pandemic. She serves as this year's historian for the ensemble. For the past two years, Veronica has served as an intern in the Vice Provost for the Arts Office, working on projects such as Arts Grounds Day, Arts on the Hill, and directing the music for the virtual graduation ceremony student performance in the spring of 2020. Veronica brought music to UVA during the pandemic in a partnership with President Ryan's office. The project was called Musical Care Packages and allowed people from all over the world to send music to their loved ones during this disconnected time. Veronica is also one of the student members of the UVA Arts Council, the 2021 Music Arts Board, and served as a past president of University Records, the University’s student-run record label. This year, she was a resident of UVA’s historic Lawn. Veronica has loved her time at the University and especially wants to thank Professors Slon, Dave, Rubin, Maus, Gordon, and Burtner for their support over the years.

Samson Ace Miller

Following are some of the classes Samson took during his time in the Music Department: The "Black Voice" with A.D. Carson; Songwriting with Ted Coffey; Jazz Studies with Scott DeVeaux; African Electronic Music with Noel Lobley; Early Modern Music with Bonnie Gordon; and Keyboard Skills with John Mayhood.

Stefani Mitrovic

Following are some of the classes Stefani took during her time in the Music Department: Ecoacoustics with Matthew Burtner; Songwriting with Ted Coffey; Curating Sound with Noel Lobley; 20th- and 21st-Century Music with Joel Rubin; and Keyboard Skills with John Mayhood. She also took private performance classes in voice.

Alexander Rackley Monaco

Following are some of the classes Alexander took during his time in the Music Department: Orchestration with Ben Rous; Songwriting with Ted Coffey; Studies in 19th-Century Music with Elizabeth Ozment; Composition I and II with Leah Reid; and Jazz Studies with Rami Stucky. He also took private performance classes in voice.

Christopher George O'Neill

Chris O'Neill is a violist, percussionist, and composer originally from Germantown, Maryland. During his time at UVA, he played with the Cavalier Marching Band, UVA Viola Ensemble, and Radio Music Society, and he will premiere an original acousmatic composition at Digitalis 2021. Particularly noteworthy to him were Introduction to Music and Computers, Composition 2 (which he took twice), Performance in Africa, Curating Sound, and Writing Rap. He would especially like to thank Professor Reid, Professor Lobley, Professor Carson, and Professors Guarino and Gertner for the lessons and for helping him to take a wider view of music and art. He would also like to thank Professors Balija and Koch as well.



Nash Cadena Ogden

Nash's experience in the UVA Music Department was some of the most meaningful and fun periods of time he has experienced. From the many amazing friends he made to the cool and engaging courses he took, such as Learn to Groove, Composing Mixtapes, Ecoacustics, and African Electronic Music. He is very proud of some of the projects he's worked on during his time here, such as his work with the BlackPowerStation and MomentNYC or his work on the ISOlate mixtape in his composing mixtapes class. He will cherish his time and experiences in the UVA Music Department for the rest of his life. WAHOOWA!

Samuel Weichun Ong

During his time at UVA, Samuel participated in a piano quartet coached by Professor David Sariti, and has been an active accompanist for the music department as a whole. He was very fond of being a part of Tea Time and the studio recitals of students, and has enjoyed Old Cabell Hall as an escape and place of solace from the throes of engineering.





Sophia Theodora Park

Sophia studied violin performance with Professor Sender. She was a member of Charlottesville Symphony, Chamber Ensembles (Trio Sobrenna and other ensembles), and Baroque Orchestra. She performed two recitals: her Distinguished Major violin recital and a fourth-year recital with her chamber ensemble, Trio Sobrenna. Meaningful courses for her were Early Modern Music (1500-1700), 17th- and 18th-Century Music, 19th Century Music, and Orchestration.





Griffin Robert Perry

Throughout his time as a music major at UVA, Griffin has been fortunate enough to be exposed to a number of different areas and disciplines within music that have truly broadened his passion for something he's been pursuing since third grade. Highlights of being a music major have included playing ensemble music during his entire second year with piano Professor John Mayhood, where he and another pianist explored different one-and-two piano pieces for four hands weekly. His favorite course within the music major has been Composing for Film with Professor Zaccagnini, where students would reimagine movie scores and analyze how music affected the viewer’s experience while watching films. He found that each professor really makes an effort to let their passion shine through in their classes and allows their students to display their passions in turn. Music will always be a passion of his, and his time as a music major at UVA has only strengthened that passion.

Michael Richardson

Michael's time here at the University and in the Music Department has been unbelievable and highly memorable. He has been able to grow a lot and develop into a better musician. He is very proud of the work that he did with Professor Lobley and in collaboration with the Black Power Station. And finally, he is appreciative of everything being here has taught him.



Daniel Andreas Romano

Following are some of the classes Daniel took during his time in the Music Department: Writing Rap with A.D. Carson; Meet the Beatles with Scott DeVeaux; Sonic Arts and Crafts with Heather Frasch; African Electronic Music with Noel Lobley; Cultural and Historical Studies with Fred Maus; and Topics in Ethnomusicology with Joel Rubin.

Tyler Smith

Tyler participated in the Marching Band (drumline) for all four years of his time at UVA. He was also a member of Percussion Ensemble and Wind Ensemble. Some of the most meaningful courses he took in the Music Department were Composition, Orchestration, and Theory courses.





Molly Frances Strauchler

Throughout my time at UVA I have taken numerous inspiring classes; perhaps most influential, Nomi Dave's Intro to Ethnomusicology year long course. Nomi taught me to listen where others may not to find the sounds and voices that matter most. After taking Noel Loebley's African Electronic Music class, I became deeply invested in African Electronic Music and delved into my DMP. Through my DMP research I had the opportunity to speak with several artists from South Africa and Uganda and learn about what makes their music so incredibly spectacular. I created a podcast with my interviews and the artists' music as my final project. Professor Loebley's class taught me the importance of space curation, a favorite topic of mine. The music department gave me the opportunity to learn from and become friends with music PhD students who helped me expand my knowledge even further through conversation and experiences. I have deeply enjoyed being a music major at the University of Virginia. The department values not only the western canon, but also music and voices from all demographics and places. 

Music was not only my area of study, but also where I explored extracurriculars. During my second year, I served as the Director of PKG, the University's Concert Committee and had the opportunity to meet and coordinate concerts with Anderson Paak., Noname, Daniel Caesar, Lil Yachty, Still Woozy, Amine and more. During my third year I served as events director for WXTJ, student radio and planned and executed multiple house shows and events and then in my fourth year I served as WXTJ's president. Radio and live music is where my passions lie and WXTJ and WTJU gave me the opportunity to explore and become involved in Charlottesville, outside of the University. I have learned so much over the past four years and owe many thanks to the professors and faculty of the Music Department for guiding and inspiring me throughout this academic and personal journey. 

Andrea Pauline Thompson

During her time at UVA, the Music Department reinforced Andrea's love of music and gave her the opportunity to make some of the most meaningful memories. She played the piccolo in the UVA Wind Ensemble for her first two years, and played various roles in the Cavalier Marching Band as a drill instructor, section leader, and chemistry tutor to several of her CMB peers. She particularly enjoyed the collaborative projects done with the Black Power Station based in Makhanda, South Africa through African Electronic Music and Curating Sound, both taught by Professor Noel Lobley. Each class taken within the Department of Music introduced her to a new way of thinking about sound and its relationships to our environment and society, and she would like to thank all of her music professors for their support and enthusiasm throughout her four years at UVA.

Isabella Rose Tucker

Isabella will graduate with degrees in Music with a Performance Concentration as a Distinguished Major, and Biology. In addition to performing with the Charlottesville Symphony, she participates in chamber music and the UVA Jazz Ensemble.

Isabella has greatly enjoyed all of the music classes she has taken at UVA, particularly Studies in 17th- and 18th-Century Music with Richard Will and Orchestration I with Ben Rous. Her favorite memory at UVA is when she played the Pines of Rome with the Charlottesville Symphony in Old Cabell Hall on her 20th birthday.

Valentin Vila

Val is a drummer and guitarist hoping to pursue music in NYC after graduation. Over his time at UVA, he focused on jazz and bluegrass performance with Robert Jospe, Richard Will, and Mike Rosensky. He also composed several pieces under the guidance of Leah Reid and Ted Coffey. Val is thankful that the music department was flexible enough for him to delve into what he wanted while also pushing him to take courses he wouldn't have taken otherwise.





Zachary Samuel White

Following are some of the classes Zack took during his time in the Music Department: Songwriting with Ted Coffey; Jazz Studies with Scott DeVeaux; 20th- and 21st-Century Music with Joel Rubin; Issues in Ethnomusicology with Noel Lobley; and Learn to Groove with Robert Jospe. He was also a member of the Wind Ensemble and Cavalier Marching Band.

John (Trey) Holmes Winn III

Following are some of the classes Trey took during his time in the Music Department: Composing Mixtapes with A.D. Carson; Make Beats with Ted Coffey; Jazz Studies with Scott DeVeaux; African Electronic Music with Noel Lobley; Studies in 19th-Century Music with Elizabeth Ozment; and Music in Everyday Life with Michelle Kisliuk.

Zoe Artime Worrell

Following are some of the classes Zoe took during her time in the Music Department: Sound Studies with Ted Coffey; Jazz Studies with Scott DeVeaux; 18th-Century Music with Richard Will; and Performance in Africa with Michelle Kisliuk.

Wenxi (Tilly) Xu

Following are some of the classes Tilly took during her time in the Music Department: Ecoacoustics with Matthew Burtner; African Electronic Music with Noel Lobley; Studies in 19th-Century Music with Elizabeth Ozzment; and 20th- and 21st-Century Music with Joel Rubin. She also took private performance classes in guitar.


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