COVID-19 Precautions

UVA Music Department COVID Precautions

Physical Distancing
All individuals on Grounds are required to observe strict distancing. This means maintaining a minimum of six-feet separation, judged from head to head, for any contact longer than 10 minutes, unless closer proximity is allowed by physical barriers. Separation is recommended even for more brief interactions. These rules apply in classrooms, labs, dining halls, lounges, and other communal spaces.  These requirements of physical separation are not negated by the wearing of face coverings, which are required in any event except for while dining or exercising with 10-foot separation between people. All students, faculty, staff, and contractors should maintain six feet or more from others whenever possible.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Students, staff, and faculty are required to wear face masks at all times unless actively eating, drinking, or performing musical activity that requires equipment to touch one’s mouth.  Masks DO NOT take the place of distancing and vice-versa. The University will provide two cloth face coverings for each employee in the Academic division. For students, the University will provide two cloth face coverings, two 2-ounce containers of hand sanitizer and a touch-tool, which is meant to assist in tasks such as opening doors and punching keypads, hands free. If preferred, employees and students may wear their own face coverings that meet policy standards.

Hand Washing / Hand Sanitizer:
The University has place 2,600 free-standing hand sanitizer stands in high-traffic common areas, plus an additional 1,000 one-gallon containers in spaces that don’t receive the free-standing units.

Everyone in the music buildings / spaces should wash or sanitize hands frequently and thoroughly, especially prior to using a shared space such as the practice modules.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:
UVA Facilities Management has trained custodial staff on new enhanced cleaning protocols based on industry standards and best practice guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, they are adjusting custodial shifts to align with building use. Since it is not possible for the housekeeping staff to clean each classroom between uses, faculty members and students will be asked to wipe down podiums, surfaces, desks, chairs, and tabletops before and after use with disinfecting supplies stocked in the buildings. 


Public restrooms are available on the 6th and 4th floors of Old Cabell Hall. Social distancing practices and mask wearing should be observed in these spaces as well.

Drinking Fountains / water refill stations
There is a public water refill station located on the 6th floor of Old Cabell Hall.  While it will remain available for use, we would recommend you fill water bottles at home.

Elevators are single-occupancy. Masks must be worn inside elevators, and no talking is allowed (including on cell phones). Elevator use should be prioritized for the elderly, people with mobility challenges, or those with large instruments.

The main stairwells in Old Cabell Hall are designated and signed “up” and “down” to minimize close contact. Stairwells that cannot be designated one direction may have boundaries marked for up and down traffic.  If you can, please wait at landings so others can pass at a safe distance.

Practice Modules / Spaces
The university has determined the practice modules to be adequately ventilated for safe use.  Students will be required to wear a mask at all times for modules located in Old Cabell Hall. We will have separate designated spaces in New Cabell Hall for singing and practicing wind instruments, which will not require the wearing of a mask, but do require an extended amount of time in between reservations.

Since it is not possible for the housekeeping staff to clean each module between use, students will be asked to wipe down surfaces before and after each use with disinfecting wipes stocked in the room.  Along with information on which surfaces to clean.

Most students enrolled in classes or lessons or music majors will be able to use the practice modules / practice rooms; however, due to considerations for safe practices, we will not allow others to use the practice spaces. All practice modules will be scheduled via an online reservation system.  Please visit the practice module page for additional information.

While we strongly encourage students to keep their instruments with them, we will have a limited number of lockers available for rent. Please visit the locker rental page for information on how to request a locker, and locker protocols.

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