A Night of New Music at the Bridge

featuring the UVA New Music Ensemble and the UVA Clarinet Ensemble
November 4, 2017 - 8:00pm
The Bridge PAI

On November 4, 2017, at 8:00pm, the UVA New Music Ensemble and the UVA Clarinet Ensemble will be in concert at the student adorned Bridge PAI. The concert is both open to the public and free of charge.


The UVA Clarinet Ensemble is comprised of clarinetist from 1st to 3rd year who love the clarinet. The ensemble plays a diverse range or repertoire including arrangements and original compositions. This year the clarinet ensemble also includes a composer who has worked with the clarinetists in the group to compose a new work. The clarinet ensemble is directed by Shawn Earle and includes Keerthi Radhakrishnan, Samantha Townsend, Jacob Cunningham, Ben Phillips, Sarah Zhou, Zachary Thomas, Esther Xu, Austin Cheng, and composer Cameron Church. 


The New Music Ensemble is a unique group of musicians who play various selections of organized improvisational works. As a group, they create music based on specific rules, timing, and signals. The result is that no two performances of the same work are exactly alike. Instead, new music is played every time. Join this exciting ensemble as they premiere several original compositions, including one piece composed by the entire ensemble. Enjoy the mystery and musicality of this exciting group.


For this concert, the following new music pieces will be played: “Natural Order” by Greg Howard, “Early Music” by Heather Mease, “Ritual of Subtle Transmogrification of Collective” by Calder Hannan, “Jatyantara-parinamah” by Christopher Luna-Mega, and a special piece composed by the entire ensemble, “Untitled Collaborative Piece.”


The Ensemble Members include: I-Jen Fang, director; Christopher Luna, assistant director, Becky Brown, Alex Christie, Calder Hannan, Greg Howard, David Joo, Ron Lam, Heather Mease, Jackson Patton-Smith, and Tiffany Perry


Please join for an unforgettable night of excellent new music.

The Bridge PAI


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