Fred Maus

Director of Undergraduate Programs, Associate Professor (Critical & Comparative Studies)

Old Cabell 202
Office Hours: Zoom meetings by appointment


Fred Everett Maus teaches music at the University of Virginia. He has written on music and narrative, gender and sexuality in relation to discourse about music, queer popular music, embodiment, music therapy, trauma, and other subjects. He was a founding member of the editorial board of the journal Women and Music and for several years its book review editor. He served as the first Chair of the Queer Resource Group of the Society for Music Theory, and more recently as the first Chair of SMT’s Standing Committee on LGBTQ+ Issues. Recent essays include "Narrative and Identity in Three Songs about AIDS" (2013), “Classical Concert Music and Queer Listening” (2013), “Sexuality, Trauma, and Dissociated Expression” (2015), “LGBTQ+ Lives in Professional Music Theory” (2020), “The B-52s, Loss, and Defiance” (to appear 2023), and “Queer Sexuality and Musical Narrative” (to appear 2023). He is co-editor, with the late Sheila Whiteley, of The Oxford Handbook of Music and Queerness (published February 4, 2022).


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