Pipa Music & History, a public presentation by Wu Man

January 24, 2010 - 2:00pm
  • Sunday, January 24, 2010
  • 107 Old Cabell Hall
  • 2:00pm
  • Free

Wu Man

Presentation by guest artist Wu Man on her instrument, pipa, the classical Chinese lute, and her musical background. An internationally acclaimed virtuoso, Wu Man was the first student to receive a master’s degree in pipa from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Since that time, she has gone on to be the most prominent performer on the instrument, known both for her performances of the classical Pudong School of pipa playing from Imperial China, as well as being an outstanding exponent of contemporary compositions for pipa by leading Chinese composers such as Tan Dun as well as Western composers including Terry Riley, Philip Glass, and Lou Harrison. Her three most recent recordings have all been nominated for Grammy Awards. Wu Man is also a prominent member of Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble.

For more information: http://www.wumanpipa.org/.
For video: Thursday on the NewsHour: Wu Man

This is an Arts Enhancement event supported by the Provost’s Office to increase the awareness of and support for the arts at the University of Virginia.


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