Telemetry with Gardener, Ted Coffey & Travis Thatcher, MICE Ensemble

April 19, 2019 - 8:00pm
The Bridge PAI


Under the name Gardener, Richmond, VA-based Dash Lewis uses a modular synthesizer, effects pedals, and his own voice to create intricately layered, rhythmically complex slabs of trance-inducing psychedelia, weaving looped vocal passages into thick, textured drones. Deeply influenced by German kosmiche music of the 1970s, mid-career Beach Boys, and spiritual jazz, Lewis’s interest lies in the organic interplay between electronics and the human voice. With Gardener, he works to meld seemingly disparate elements into a single instrument.


Ted Coffey & Travis Thatcher

Experimenting with sound and song


MICE Ensemble

Lead by Heather Frasch the Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble from UVa Music performs with new instruments and sound generation systems.


This Free monthly music series occurs in partnership with The Bridge, and features UVA faculty, students, locals, and renown experimental performers. They push boundaries of musicianship by offering a unique laboratory to engage new methods of composition and instrumentation. Unlike anything else in the city, Charlottesville artists and audiences connect with new concepts and are continuously inspired towards ingenuity through unique sound experiences

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