Telemetry at the Bridge

with Microkingdom and Jordan Perry
October 20, 2017 - 8:00pm
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

The UVA McIntire Department of Music and The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative presents the second in the Fall 2017 Telemetry concert series on Friday October 20th at 8pm at the Bridge.  Microkingdom and Jordan Perry will be the featured guests.

This monthly music series occurs in partnership with The Bridge, and features UVA faculty, students, locals, and renown experimental performers.  They push boundaries of musicianship by offering a unique laboratory to engage new methods of composition and instrumentation. Unlike anything else in the city, Charlottesville artists and audiences connect with new concepts and are continuously inspired towards ingenuity through unique sound experiences.

Microkingdom is a trio of Baltimore MVPs: Marc Miller (guitar) of Oxes, John Dierker (reeds) master improviser and member of LaFayette Gilchrest’s New Volcanos (and many other bands and collaborations), and experimental composer Will Redman (percussion).  Press from a previous release by Microkingdom: 

“ out-there band, but it’s also fairly Baltimore canon...” - City Paper
“...a hyperactively burrowing noise excavation...” - The Wire
“Schizophrenia defines both the unit and the individual.” - Pitchfork

About Jordan Perry, The Modern Folk Music of America website says

"jordan's songs are not as flowery as what you might think of when you think of classical guitar music; they tend towards a starker, more contemporary style, playing with the spaces between the notes, the diminishing sustain, the fluid rumble of a repetitive fingerpicking pattern on nylon strings, the interplay of dissonance and harmony in groups of notes, and perfect execution. most of the songs are short sketches that seem to flow seamlessly into one another, with the exception of the roughly seven minute excursions at the front and back of the album. this is an easy album to get lost in, each time i have listened to the LP i am surprised as if woken from a daydream when the side ends, especially at the end of the lengthy and mesmerizing final track, 'whydah flats'. i highly recommend getting a copy of this limited edition LP."

All events are subject to change.  Please call 434.924.3052 for more information.

Supported by UVA Arts & the Office of the Provost & the Vice Provost for the Arts


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