Telemetry X N_SEME featuring Aaron Dilloway

February 9, 2019 - 8:00pm
The Bridge PAI

February's Telemetry is a collaboration with the N_SEME conference for the second and final late night concert of the conference and features guest Aaron Dilloway along with performances by student composers.

Aaron Dilloway is one of the most creative, prolific, and revered figures in the Midwest American experimental/noise scene. His performances and recordings incorporate rhythmic loops from eight-track tapes, vocal improvisations, found sounds, and field recordings. He uses contact microphones in order to generate harsh, feedback-laced noises, sometimes placing microphones inside his mouth in order to create bizarre, ogre-like distorted voices. While he channels some dark, violent energies into his sonic constructions, there's also a crucial element of playful, absurdist humor to his work, making his performances confusing yet highly enjoyable spectacles of Dadaist performance art.

While Dilloway is perhaps best known for his involvement with Michigan noise group Wolf Eyes, he's had an extensive solo career, issuing hundreds of recordings (usually limited cassettes) under his own name as well as Spine Scavenger. In addition, he's also collaborated and issued split releases with other well-known noise and experimental artists such as Kevin Drumm, Prurient, John Wiese, and many others. Dilloway is also the owner of Hanson Records, a long-running experimental music label as well as a brick-and-mortar record store and mail-order service based in Oberlin, Ohio.

The National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME) was created by and for students as a forum for peers to share ideas, collaborate, and expand the boundaries of the electronic music field. This year features Aaron Dilloway, a celebrated experimental/noise artist, whose music includes eight-track tape loops, vocal improvisation through contact microphones, found sounds, and field recordings. In addition to a concert and talk by Aaron, the festival includes concerts, papers, sound art installations, a DIY audio workshop, and a radio broadcast. N_SEME @ UVA is an inclusive artistic and academic environment, incorporating electroacoustic composition with or without instruments, DIY approaches to music-making, experimenting with instrument design, and participating in many forms of intermedia collaboration.

More information about the N_SEME conference here.

This Free monthly music series occurs in partnership with The Bridge, and features UVA faculty, students, locals, and renown experimental performers. They push boundaries of musicianship by offering a unique laboratory to engage new methods of composition and instrumentation. Unlike anything else in the city, Charlottesville artists and audiences connect with new concepts and are continuously inspired towards ingenuity through unique sound experiences.

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