Canceled - UVA Jazz Ensemble presents Infernal Resilience

November 20, 2021 - 8:00pm
Old Cabell Hall
$10 / $9 UVA Faculty & Staff / $5 students / Free for UVA Students who reserve in advance

Canceled due to technical difficulties. 

Please look forward to small pop up concerts outside at the end of November, and our Spring 2022 Jazz concert!



The UVA Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of trumpeter/composer John D’earth, will give their first live concert of 2021 on Saturday, November 20th, at 8pm in Old Cabell Hall.  The title of the concert is Infernal Resilience.

The UVA Jazz Program used the covid year of 20/21 to create multi-track recordings, albums, in The Sound recording studio, where wind players could be isolated, several at a time, and the rhythm section could record basic tracks, masked, and “live" in a room together. Seven  “albums” from  four jazz small groups, two Distinguished Major Projects, and a "double CD” from the UVA Jazz Ensemble, on which the recently minted UVA Jazz Singers were featured, got recorded.  The results can be heard on their website:

On Nov. 20, 2021, the UVA Jazz Ensemble will take, not just the stage, but the whole auditorium, to present a masked and distanced performance of some of the highlights from last year’s recording entitled, Infernal Resilience.  Placing horns in distant locations will conform to UVA’s new protocols for wind players, inside, and hearken back to the renaissance, where antiphonal music was often the order of the day.  It will be a fascinating sound experiment!
Many of the pieces the band recorded were composed by students and by the director.  Guitarist, Michael Mcnulty, contributed I Could Take You Dancing and a vocal tune, Can’t Stop Being In Love.  Music grad student, Rami Stucky, arranged Blue Champagne, a song written by fourth year vocalist Tina Hashemi, and he composed Pass The Torch, a hip-hop tune.  Ensemble Director D’earth composed a suite of pieces around the title, Infernal Resilience, including Falling World, Heal For Real, As The World Is Waking, and Super Spreader.  The Jazz Singers will perform D’earth’s composition Sensitive Like Ladies, a lyric based on Lester Young’s famous remark that jazz musicians were “sensitive like ladies.”  Such was said in the 1930s.  Sensitive Like Ladies appeared on UVA Jazz Ensemble alumnus, Jack Kilby’s award winning CD, Love Is A Song Everyone Can Sing.

The UVA Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of trumpeter/composer John D’earth, has become one of the most creative college big bands in the country. The group’s performances feature classic repertoire from across the spectrum of jazz history, jazz arrangements of music from diverse genres, and original compositions and arrangements by the students and the director.

Giving two major concerts a year in Old Cabell Hall and various extra performances, the Jazz Ensemble is an extended big band that includes flutes, vocalists, and, sometimes, other instruments not normally associated with big band music.

The UVA Jazz Program focuses on developing the individual voices of our jazz students. We follow the Duke Ellington model of how to build a jazz orchestra: allow and encourage the distinct musical personalities of the musicians to create the overall sound and direction of the music.

The Jazz Ensemble encourages its members to immerse themselves in the art form called jazz, to understand its history, and to listen, repeatedly, to the music.  Jazz, and the blues from which it sprang, are both gifts from Black America to the rest of the world.  Jazz gives music back to the musicians by teaching two things: be yourself/ tell your own story, and learn to master musical language on your instrument. The UVA Jazz Ensemble avidly pursues these twin goals of expertise and creative expression.

Tickets are $10 General, $9 for UVA Faculty & Staff, $5 for Students and Free for UVA Students who reserve in advance. Tickets can be purchased at the Arts Box Office at or by calling 434.924.3376.

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